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Our Pricing Policy

Quality Powder Coat Pricing is subject to change depending on the condition of the parts to be powder coated.  Extra services will cost extra. Duh!

Auto Parts Powder Coating

Hey, Read This First Knuckle Heads

Our Auto Parts Powder Coat Pricing in Chula Vista is subject to change depending on how much rust, paint, bird crap, roadkill, hobo spit, and other nastiness we need to clean off of it. Cleaner car parts = Better Rates!

4-Link (4pc)$100.00 and up
A-Arms/Control Arms (ea, upper/lower)$50.00 (ea) and up
AC Compressor (disassembled)$100.00 and up
Air Cleaner Cover (2pc)$75.00 (2pc) and up
Alternator Housing$40.00 and up
Alternator Fan$10.00 and up
Alternator Pulley$20.00 and up
Axle Housing (housing only)$225.00 and up
Axle Housing/Corvette Complete$300.00 and up
Axle Housing/Jaguar Complete$400.00 and up
Battery Box$25.00 and up
Blower Drive Snout$50.00 and up
Blower Housing (ea)$225.00 (ea) and up
Brackets/Small (ea)$10.00 (ea) and up
Brackets/Medium (ea)$15.00 (ea) and up
Brackets/Large (ea)$20.00 (ea) and up
Brake Backing Plate/Disk (pr)$50.00 (pr) and up
Brake Booster (disassembled)$60.00 and up
Brake Caliper/Disk (ea)$60.00 (ea) and up
Brake Drum (ea)$35.00 (ea) and up
Brake Drum Backing Plate (pr)$40.00 (pr) and up
Brake Master Cylinder$45.00 and up
Brake Rotors/Disk (ea, drilled)$70.00 (ea) and up
Brake Rotors/Disk (ea, non-drilled)$50.00 (ea) and up
Bumper/Car$175.00 and up
Bumper/Truck$200.00 and up
Bumper Brush Guard$150.00 and up
Cam Cover$40.00 and up
Clutch$40.00 and up
Coil Bracket$10.00 and up
Control Arms (ea, upper/lower)$50.00 (ea) and up
Cross Member$75.00 and up
Cylinder Block/V6 Engine Block$400.00 and up
Cylinder Block/V8 Engine Block$500.00 and up
Cylinder Head/Aluminum (ea)$135.00 (ea) and up
Cylinder Head/Straight 6 (ea)$300.00 (ea) and up
Cylinder Head/V6 (pr) or V8 (pr)$250.00 (pr) and up
Drive Shaft$75.00 and up
Drop Axle$175.00 and up
End Plate$25.00 and up
Fan$40.00 and up
Fender Support Bars (pr)$25.00 (pr) and up
Fender Wells (ea)$75.00 (ea) and up
Frame/Dragster$600.00 and up
Frame/Dragster ½ Scale$350.00 and up
Frame/Funny Car$800.00 and up
Frame/Kart or Go-Kart$250.00 and up
Frame/Late Model$750.00 and up
Frame/Legend or Dwarf Car$550.00 and up
Frame/Micro Sprint$550.00 and up
Frame/Midget$550.00 and up
Frame/Modified$550.00 and up
Frame/Sand Rail (Race)$650.00 and up
Frame/Sand Rail (Standard)$550.00 and up
Frame/Small car$700.00 and up
Frame/large car$800.00 and up
Frame/Sub-frame GM$350.00 and up
Frame/Truck$800.00 and up
Fuel Tank (new or hot tanked only)$100.00 and up
Fuel Tank Straps (pr)$30.00 (pr) and up
Grill Inserts (size dependent)$50.00 and up
Grill Shell (size dependent)$150.00 and up
Hair Pin Rod (pr)$100.00 (pr) and up
Half Shaft$40.00 and up
Headlight Bar$50.00 and up
Headlight Bucket (ea)$20.00 (ea) and up
Headlight Ring (ea)$15.00 (ea) and up
Heater Blower Housing$50.00 and up
Heater Vents$10.00 and up
Hood Bars/Prop & Rod$15.00 and up
Hood Hinge (ea)$50.00 (ea) and up
Hood Latch$35.00 and up
Hood Springs (ea)$20.00 and up
Hub Caps (ea)$25.00 (ea) and up
Idler Arm (ea)$15.00 (ea) and up
Instrument Bezel$30.00 and up
Instrument Housing (size dependent)$30.00 and up
Intake Manifold/Tune Port Injected$150.00 and up
Intake Manifold/V6$80.00 and up
Intake Manifold/V8$100.00 and up
Jack Stand (ea)$25.00 (ea) and up
Ladder Bars (pr)$150.00 (pr) and up
License Plate Frame$20.00 and up
Luggage Rack (size dependent)$50.00 and up
Modified Car/Front & Rear Bumper$100.00 and up
Modified Car/Quarter Nerf Bar (ea)$35.00 (ea) and up
Nerf Bars (pr, size dependent)$100.00 (pr) and up
NOS Bottle Holder$25.00 and up
Oil Dipstick Tube$10.00 and up
Oil Filter Cover$10.00 and up
Oil Pan$50.00 and up
Panhard Bar$35.00 and up
Power Steering Box (disassembled)$60.00 and up
Power Steering Pulley$15.00 and up
Pulleys (ea)$15.00 and up
Radiator Core Support/Large$150.00 and up
Radiator Core Support/Typical$100.00 and up
Radiator Fan$50.00 and up
Radiator Shroud$75.00 and up
Rear Axle Housing (less gears)$225.00 and up
Rear End Cover$25.00 and up
Rear End Housing$225.00 and up
Rocket Fuel Cell Strap$20.00 and up
Roll Bar/2 Point$150.00 and up
Roll Bar/3-7 Point$225.00 and up
Shift Lever$25.00 and up
Shift T-handle$15.00 and up
Spindles$40.00 (ea) and up
Springs/Coil (ea)$40.00 (ea) and up
Springs/Leaf (per leaf)$15.00 and up
Sprint Car/Dash$40.00 and up
Sprint Car/Front Axle$70.00 and up
Sprint Car/Motor Plate$50.00 and up
Sprint Car/Nose Wing$85.00 and up
Sprint Car/Seat$50.00 and up
Sprint Car/Side Panels (ea)$30.00 (ea) and up
Sprint Car/Top Wing$150.00 and up
Sprint Car/Triangular Sides (ea)$20.00 (ea) and up
Starter Housing$40.00 and up
Steering Box$50.00 and up
Steering Column Shaft$50.00 and up
Strut Brace$60.00 and up
Strut Cartridge (pr)$80.00 (pr) and up
Sway Bar$75.00 and up
Taillight Housing$50.00 and up
Taillight Rim$30.00 and up
Thermostat Housing$20.00 and up
Third Member$75.00 and up
Tie Rods (ea)$30.00 (ea) and up
Tie Rod Ends (ea)$15.00 (ea) and up
Timing Cover$20.00 and up
Traction Bars (pr)$100.00 (pr) and up
Transmission Dipstick Tube$30.00 and up
Transmission Housing/Automatic$225.00 and up
Transmission Housing/Manual$175.00 and up
Transmission Pan$20.00 and up
Transmission Tailpiece$25.00 and up
Trunk Hinge (pr)$60.00 (pr) and up
Trunk Latch$25.00 and up
Tunnel Ram$150.00 and up
U-Bolt (ea)$15.00 (ea) and up
Valve Cover/4 Cylinder$75.00 (ea) and up
Valve Cover/V6 (pr)$120.00 (pr) and up
Valve Cover/V8 (pr)$120.00 (pr) and up
Water Pump$75.00 and up
Wheels/Knock-offs (ea)$60.00 (ea) and up
Wiper Arms (pr)$40.00 (pr) and up

Rim / Wheel Powder Coating

Wheel SizeSingle Stage (steel) set 4Single Stage (alloy) set 4Two Stage add
14″ ea$300$325$100
15″ ea$325$350$110
16″ ea$350$375$120
17″ ea$375$400$130
18″ ea$400$425$140
19″ ea$425$450$150
20″ ea$425$450$160
22″ ea$450$475$170
24″ ea$450$475$180
26″ ea$475$500$190
28″ ea$500$550$200
30″ ea$550$600$210
motorcycle parts powder coat pricing

Motorcycle Powder Coating

Look Here Creeper:

Our Motorcycle Parts Powder Coat Pricing in Chula Vista is subject to change depending on how much rust, paint, mud, urine, and other crap we need to clean off of it. Cleaner motorcycle parts = Better Rates!

A-Arm, ATV (ea, upper / lower)$50.00 (ea) and up
Air Cleaner, S+S$40.00 and up
Air Cleaner Back plate$20.00 and up
Air Cleaner Cover$30.00 and up
Air Dam$80.00 and up
Axle & Nut$20.00 and up
Axle Covers (ea)$15.00 (ea) and up
Axle Spacer$5.00 and up
Battery Side Cover$35.00 and up
Battery Strap$10.00 and up
Battery Base Plate$30.00 and up
Battery Box$30.00 and up
Battery Top Plate$15.00 and up
Belt Drive Pulley$50.00 and up
Belt Guard$40.00 and up
Belt Guard, V-ROD$120.00 and up
Belt Pulley Cover$40.00 and up
Brackets, Large$10.00 and up
Brackets, Small$5.00 and up
Brake Pedal (ea)$25.00 (ea) and up
Brake Calipers (ea)$45.00 (ea) and up
Brake Disc / Rotor (ea)$50.00 (ea) and up
Brake Stay / Arm$20.00 and up
Brake Backing Plate$25.00 and up
Brake Pedal Mount15.00 and up
Brake Caliper Bracket$30.00 and up
Brake Drum$40.00 and up
Brake Linkage$10.00 and up
Cam Cover, Flat Side$65.00 and up
Cam Cover, Nose Cone$50.00 and up
Cam Cover, XL$65.00 and up
Cam Cover, V-ROD (4pc)$175.00 (4 pc) and up
Carb Body, Dual Throat$180.00 and up
Carb Body, Keihin, SU, S&S$150.00 and up
Chain / Belt Guard$30.00 and up
Clutch Perch w/Strap$25.00 and up
Clutch Rod$20.00 and up
Coil Cover$15.00 and up
Crash Bars w/Brackets$60.00 and up
Cylinder Heads (pr)$200.00 (pr) and up
Cylinder Heads, V-ROD (pr)$340.00 (pr) and up
Cylinders (pr)$175.00 (pr)
Cylinder Jug (pr)$150.00 and up
Dash Cover$30.00 and up
Dash Housing FXR Tank$80.00 and up
Dash Housing Fx, Fl$80.00 and up
Dash Housing fuel door$20.00 and up
Dash & Tank Panel$45.00 and up
Drive Pulley$65.00 and up
Engine Cases (PRE-EVO, EVO, V2)$250.00 and up
Engine Skid Plate$25.00 and up
Exhaust Heat Shield (ea)$25.00 and up
Exhaust Brackets$20.00 and up
Exhaust PipesNot Available
Fender (bobbed rear)$80.00 and up
Fender (Ig front)$90.00 and up
Fender (Ig rear)$90.00 and up
Fender (sm front)$75.00 and up
Fender Struts (pr)$60.00 (pr) and up
Floor Board (pr)$30.00 (pr) and up
Floor Board Supports (pr)$30.00 (pr) and up
Foot Pegs (pr)$25.00 (pr) and up
Fork Brace$75.00 and up
Fork Cans – FL / Cow Bells (pr)$30.00 and up
Fork Tube / Lower (pr)$70.00 (pr) and up
Fork Tube / Lower FL (set)$125.00 (set)
Fork Tube / Lower FX & XL (set)$100.00 (set)
Forward Controls (set)$100.00 (set) and up
Frame – Control Arms (ea)$25.00 (ea) and up
Frame, Softail swingarm$250.00 and up
Frame, ATV$225.00 and up
Frame, Import / Street$300.00 and up
Frame, Rigid$225.00 and up
Frame, Dirtbike$225.00 and up
Frame, Harley add $50 (swingarm)$300.00 and up
Gas Tank, Harley Fat Bob (pr)$220.00 (pr) and up
Gas Tank, Regular / Typical$150.00 and up
Gas Caps (non-ratchet)$15.00 and up
Handlebar Clamps (pr)$25.00 (pr) and up
Handlebar Clutch/Brake Lever (ea)$20.00 (ea) and up
Handlebar Control Clamps (pr)$25.00 (pr) and up
Handlebar Switching Housing (ea)$20.00 (ea) and up
Handlebar Master Cylinder (2 pc)$40.00 and up
Handlebar Riser Clamp Only$10.00 and up
Handlebar Risers & Clamp (3 pc)$45.00 and up
Handlebar Risers (pr)$50.00 (pr) and up
Handlebar Grips (pr)$60.00 (pr) and up
Handlebars$45.00 and up
Headlight Tin Set, Heritage$150.00 and up
Headlight Visor$35.00 and up
Headlight Shroud, FL$80.00 and up
Headlight Rim$15.00 and up
Headlight Bucket/Housing$35.00 and up
Horn Bracket$10.00 and up
Horn Cover$25.00 and up
Ignition Coil Brackets$20.00 and up
Ignition Coil Cover$20.00 and up
Ignition Module Cover, XL$30.00 and up
Inspection Covers$30.00 and up
Intake Manifold$35.00 and up
Intake Flanges (pr)$20.00 (pr) and up
Kick Stand Plate$20.00 and up
Kickstand & Hardware (center stand)$50.00 and up
Kickstand (sidestand)$25.00 and up
Kick Start Arm$20.00 and up
Licence Plate Bracket$30.00 and up
Lifter Covers (pr)$80.00 (pr.) and up
Lifter Blocks, EVO (pr)$60.00 (pr.) and up
Lifter Blocks (pr)$60.00 and up
Luggage Rack$75.00 and up
Master Cylinder Cover$10.00 and up
Master Cylinder$25.00 and up
Mirror w/Stem$50.00 and up
Motor Top Mount$30.00 and up
Nose Cone, EVO$90.00 and up
Nose Cone – Point Housing$35.00 and up
Nose Cone – Mag Style$55.00 and up
Oil Pump Cover$20.00 and up
Oil Tank, Wraparound$80.00 and up
Oil Tank, Small Stock$60.00 and up
Oil Filter Mount$20.00 and up
Oil Pump Housing$30.00 and up
Points Cover$15.00 and up
Primary, Inner$75.00 and up
Primary Cover$65.00 and up
Primary Derby Cover$20.00 and up
Primary Cover, FL/FX/XL$100.00 and up
Push Rod Tubes / Covers (ea)$15.00 (ea) and up
Pushrod Cover Sets, H-D$65.00 and up
Pushrod Tube, 1 Piece (set of 4)$40.00 and up
Pushrod Tube, 3 Piece (set of 12)$50.00 and up
Rear sets – Outgas Primer Reg.$75.00 and up
Regulator Bracket$20.00 and up
Regulator Cover$20.00 and up
Rocker Covers (set)$80.00 (set) and up
Rocker Box Covers, Shovel-Sportster (pr)$40.00(pr) and up
Rocker Box Covers, EVO (ea)$40.00 (ea.) and up
Rocker Box Covers, Panhead (pr)$30.00(ea) and up
Rocker Box, Shovel/Knuckle Head (pr)$85.00 (pr) and up
Rocker Box, (Evo/TC) (pr)$75.00 (pr) and up
Rotor Carrier, V-ROD$40.00 and up
Saddlebag Brackets (pr)$350.00(pr) and up
Shift Lever$20.00 and up
Shifter Arm$10.00 and up
Shifter Bracket$15.00 and up
Shifter Linkage$15.00 and up
Shifter Peg$10.00 and up
Shock Springs$25.00 and up
Shock Covers (ea)$20.00 (ea) and up
Sissy Bars$40.00 and up
Sissy Bar Mount (2 pc)$30.00 and up
Slider Covers, Cans (pr)$85 (pr) and up
Spotlight Buckets (ea)$25.00 (ea) and up
Springer Front End (2pc set)$175.00 and up
Springer Rockets (pr)$65.00 (pr) and up
Sprocket Cover, XL$30.00 and up
Sprockets (no masking)$25.00 and up
Starter Housing$40.00 and up
Starter End Cover$15.00 and up
Swing Arm, Import$65.00 and up
Swing Arm, Harley$75.00 and up
Swing Arm Pivot Covers (pr)$30.00 (pr) and up
Swing Arm, Motocross$50.00 and up
Switch Cover Housing (2pc set)$20.00 (2pc) and up
Tach / Speed Housing (ea)$25.00 (ea) and up
Tail Light Housing$25.00 and up
Tappet Blocks (pr)$30.00 and up
Tool Box w/Door$20.00 and up
Transmission Trap Door$55.00 and up
Transmission End Cover$30.00 and up
Transmission Release Lever$20.00 and up
Transmission Case$90.00 and up
Transmission Top Cover$30.00 and up
Transmission Oil Pan$30.00 and up
Transmission Plate$30.00 and up
Tree Shroud W-G (3pc set)$100 and up
Triple Trees (set, narrow)$80.00 (set) and up
Triple Trees (set, wide)$100.00 (set) and up
Turn Signals (pr)$20.00 (pr) and up
Turn Signal Housing (ea)$20.00 (ea) and up
Turn Signal Visor (ea)$10.00 (ea) and up
Turn Signal Bar (ea)$25.00 (ea) and up
Velocity Stack$40.00 and up
Water Pump Cover$40.00 and up
Wheel Hub (ea)$50.00 (ea) and up
Wheel, Aluminum (Cast)$80.00 and up
Wheel, ATV$40.00 and up
Wheel, Billet Aluminum w/Hubs (ea)$100.00 and up
Wheel, Solid Disk Fat Boy (ea)$80.00 and up

Random Crap Powder Coating

Got some random crap? Read This first!

Our Random Parts Powder Coat Pricing in Chula Vista is subject to change depending on how much rust, paint, coffee stains, dog pee, and other crap we need to clean off of it. Cleaner junk = Better Rates!

Bed Frames, Double$150.00 and up
Bed Frames, Queen$170.00 and up
Bed Frames, King$200.00 and up
Bed Frames, Single (Twin)$150.00 and up
Bicycle Frame (incl. Tricycle)$175.00 and up
Bicycle Frame, Small (incl. Tricycle)$125.00 and up
Bicycle Forks$25.00 and up
Bicycle Seats$20.00 and up
Grates$15.00/sq. ft. and up
Hand Rails, Steel (single tube/rail style)$15.00/ft. and up
Hand Rails, Aluminum (single tube/rail style)$15.00/ft. and up
Lawn Mowers, Push (Belly Mount)$190.00 and up
Lawn Mowers, Drag Behind (Deck Only)$225.00 and up
Peddle Cars$225.00 and up
Railing, Aluminum (36″-48″)$8.00 per sq/ft. and up
Railing, Steel (36″-48″)$8.00 per sq/ft. and up
Sheet Metal (18 Gauge or lighter)$8.00 per/sq. ft. and up
Lawn Furniture, Small Set (4 chairs, 1 table)$525.00 and up
Furniture, (Arm chair)$125.00and up
Furniture, (Chair less arms)$100.00 and up
Trailer Hitches$75.00 and up
Wagon Running Gear$40.00 and up
Wagon, Medium (Bed Only)$30.00 and up
Wagon, Large (Bed Only)$40.00 and up
Wagon, Small, (Bed Only)$25.00 and up
Wheels, Bicycle (ea)$25.00 (ea) and up
Wheels, 04″ Dia. (ea)$20.00 (ea) and up
Wheels, 06″ Dia. (ea)$25.00 (ea) and up
Wheels, 08″ Dia. (ea)$30.00 (ea) and up
Wheels, 10″ Dia. (Ea)$35.00 (ea) and up
Wh eels, 12″ Dia. (Ea)$40.00(ea) and up
Yard Ornaments$20.00 and up

QUALITY Powder Coating

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